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Blule, The Boutique

On The One - A Marvellous Book about Prince

On The One - A Marvellous Book about Prince

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This book is the ultimate homage to the ultimate artist.

Limited Edition to 500 numbered copies.
(Only a few dozens left)

Read all about how it was created and crafted here.

Quality is exceptional. Printed on 250gsm Rives Tradition paper, with a 6-colour process and hot foil gold and custom lace binding.
Thirty full-page illustrations, forty pages total.
It's large too. Very large: 43x33cm (17x13in), and weighs a hefty 2.6kg (5.7lb).

The foreword is handwritten by Ida "Bass In Your Face" Nielsen.

It's my vision of Prince: not always accurate, yet always true.
It's not chronological. It's anachronistic, even.
He didn't believe in the concept of time. This book doesn't either.
It's Prince, but it's also a fantasy character, like the ones he would invent for us.
It's a kaleidoscope.

Prince's legacy, more even than his music, is the community he created around him.
Our duty now is to pass on this legacy onto the next generations.
This book is one of the tools to do this.

It was created thanks to the support of the Purple community, via a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Testimonies & Reviews

It will probably be the crown jewel of your collection, but don't just take my word for it:

"Oh my God! This book by Blule blows my mind away. Her talent of capturing the image of @prince and his persona has me at a loss for words." - Dryden

"It is the most beautiful collection of art I have ever seen" - Jenni

"This is truly an homage to Prince "with love, sincerity and deepest care!"" - Nadine

"The writing and illustrations look like originals such is the quality of the printing. The colours, how I love the colours." - Deb

"Saying it is beautiful is really an understatement" - Marni

"Thank you Blule for the passion and artistry that went into this work. The detail from cover to cover is exquisite!" - Sunny

"The quality is outstanding. It is an amazing tribute to Prince" - Jo

"The BOOK....O M G!! I was so afraid to touch it! I actually put on gloves as it is THAT exquisite! Each page had me in awe and saying WOW out loud." - Rachel

"Most people buy a book for their coffee table but I need to buy a table for my book." - Kellie

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Even if every precaution is taken to avoid or make it as low as possible, customs duty or VAT/GST fees might be collected by the carrier ("Death & Taxes…", as they say).

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