L'Atelier de Blule

23C Curlewis St

Bondi Beach 

NSW 2026


By appointment only

Custom Orders

Let's say you want a 80x80cm print of one of my drawings.  
I can do it.

Let's say you want your very own illustration, custom made.
I can do it.

Let's say you want 100 copies of a printed reproduction for your employees' Xmas.
I can do it,

Let's say you are an editor, looking for illustrations for a fashion, food, travel magazine, novel, I can do it,

I can order any quantity or size for my illustration.
And I can do pretty much any kind of illustration work.

So here are a few examples prices:

  • If you want a personal illustration, standard size (approx. 30x30cm), i.e. a portrait from a picture, you'd receive the original illustration, and depending on the complexity, it would cost you somewhere somewhere around US$600 + shipping.
  • If you want to suggest a theme for a Colour Up Your Day so you can purchase a printed reproduction, for instance your favourite but rather obscure superhero, you totally can, but depending on my work load, my mood and many other factors, I might do it or not, and it might be soon… or not.
    If you don't want to wait, you'd have to order an original painting (see first item in the list).

You can visit my website to see more of my work, and you can email me directly.

(Note that for every commissioned paintings, I remain the sole owner of the copyrights unless otherwise mentioned).