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New Print Sizes

by Clementine |

From now on, in the boutique online, the printed reproductions are available in 3 new sizes. The Regular and Medium sizes are wrapped in a beautiful new packaging folder, ready to be gifted to a loved one or yourself.

My Sistine Chapel In Paisley Park

by Clementine |  | 15 comments

As you may know, I had the luck of working with him, through his team (no, one does not just work with Prince…). I got to sell him the rights to a couple of my images. Already a dream come true. Twice.But there was more to come. Much more…

Illustrations for Jimmy Choo 20th Anniversary

by Clementine |

In celebration of their 20th Anniversary, Jimmy Choo have launched Memento, a capsule collectionpaying tribute to their iconic red carpet moments.   I’m proud and flattered to say I was commissioned to illustrate 20 of these beautiful shoes and bags.

Prince Wearing My Colours

by Clementine |  | 5 comments

Blule's fairy tale.Once upon a time, I received an email from prince’s manager saying "Prince loves your work and would love to look at possibly purchasing your art"Prince is the owner of one of my illustration since last year, with all the copyrights.This was already huge, as I’m a big fan of his work, and married to the ultimate Prince fan I...

Blule Is In The House

by Clementine |

I am thrilled to announce that 4 of my designs were selected to have a seat at the Sydney Opera House's shop. A year and a half after having set foot in Australia, it 's a dream come true to be represented in such a beautiful place. Very symbolic for a little frog that was dreaming...

Commissioned Work

by Clementine |

Let's say you want your very own illustration, custom made.Your girl as Catwoman, a portrait of your mum, your cat as a super hero, your blue house in the countryside, your idole,  your favorite super-hero, your best friends ready to engage,... if I like the idea, I can do it! Let's say you want a 80x80cm print of one ofmy drawings.  I can do it (I can go up to 1M square, print...

Jungle fever

by Clementine |

Beautiful scenery for the Printemps Haussmann's showcases.Gigantic cardboard animals sculptures designed by Little K in fantastic sets drawn by Frédérique Vernillet. If you are in Paris, do not miss it!

Ma cerise sur le gateau

by Clementine |

When I was pregnant with my second little froggy child: Jazz,we decided to tease our friends with a little web site,asking them for their best childhood memories and stuff. We named the project La cerise sur le gateau (cherry on top) Here are some illustrations of Jazz for the website (before we met her).

Rebirth of a logo

by Clementine |

This beautifull new website prepared with love (thanks my love), the futur exciting Australian life style, the goodbye to 4 years of Japan's stories and to my bidules-jolis-qui-donnent-envie-de-tralala®, the hello to this all new project are the reasons why my logo needed to be refreshed. And I wanted to show you the steps of  Blule's logo relooking.  ...


by Clementine |

Et bienvenue on my fresh new website. For the French fans, you will now have to read in English. I'm moving to Australia, and I have to adapt to local coutumes. Through my doodles you will discover all the colours of the rainbow, mostly in  colour up your day, my daily emails, or the drawn thoughts of the moments in my blog....