I'm Clémentine, a French illustrator, founder and colour-maker of Blule (, and Charlie Green Studio (

I paint since I could hold a brush in my hand. Studied art and design at les Beaux arts and Créapole.

I have founded Blule in 2010 while I was living in Paris working for L'Oréal as a Product Designer.

From my little studio in Sydney, I paint all things watercolour, ink and acrylic. My main inspirations range from Empowering women to Pop Culture to Botanical to Surf life, and everything in-between.

I do custom pieces for private clients and companies.

Clients: Prince (studio design), Jimmy Choo (15 shoes and bags in watercolour for their 20th anniversary), Vogue, Warner Music, SMH,Stonemaier (Wyrmspan board game), Santolin (wine label), "Paris Dreaming" and "Paris for dreamers" Katrina Lawrence's Novel books, Well-being cover magazine, Mrs Edgar Teachers planners stationary, Flourish Magazine (food), Pencil First Game (boardgames), Insula Orchestra, Chic Bazaar (cushions and clutches)

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