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Ingredients for Your Illustration

The secret ingredients are a bit of time, a lot of inspiration and so much love.
It takes a couple of hours to cook a great Colour Up for you,
so you can have it in time in your mail box every day.

The Recipe, How it is Made

  • Take a beautiful watercolour paper sheet, custom size.
  • Breath deeply before you start, it’s important to focus on something else than how great are the waves for a surf cession or the tablet of milk chocolate in your fridge.
  • Sketch very quickly the subject of the day with a woodless pencils, no eraser is better.
  • Take an other big breath and start painting with French high quality watercolour paint. Make no mistake, you cannot erase watercolour or put a layer upon your mistake, it’s a one shot.
  • Spread a little bit of splash (I love splash, want to splash colours everywhere), carefully, you can still ruin two hours of work.
  • Let it dry outside under the sun, too bad if it’s a rainy day.

Wait for it…

Then (no, it’s not done yet):

  • Scan the illustration with an super high definition Epson scanner the size of my bed.
  • Build the image for Blule’s website, I usually spend more time finding the title and the description of the daily than drawing the illustration.
  • Last, program the daily so all my lovely subscribers can receive it in their inbox.


Now, all is left is to enjoy the Colour Up of the day,
cooked with a bit of time and lot of love and care.

It’s free.

How it is Printed

If you love one of my drawings enough, you can buy it and hang it in your special place.

I now print them myself, so I can put as much care in the prints I do in the painting itself.

After a thorough touch up of the digital image, to ensure the best rendering, each copy is printed as if it was a the first and last.

Bright colours, true to the original, on a gorgeous Hahnemuhle Torchon paper (bright white, 100% α-cellulose paper – guarantees archival standards – 285gsm). Only the best.

They come in four size:

  • Regular: 218x218mm design,  on a 230x230mm sheet
  • Medium: 295x295mm design, on a 304x304mm sheet
  • Large: 390x390mm design, on a 410x410mm sheet
  • Very Large: 600x600mm design, on a 610x610mm sheet
  • XLarge: 800x800mm design, on a 810x810mm sheet

Printed with love and care in Australia.

Prints are made on demand, so it does take a few days to cook.

How it is Shipped

Once you place on a order, and after a few (5 to 7) days of preparation, your new illustration is ready to go.

It is first wrapped in a beautiful folder ready to be gifted then sealed in a crystal sleeve,
and finally put in a sleek flatpack envelope, fitting like Sean Connery's 3-piece suit.

The  Large (400x400mm), VLarge (600x600mm) and XLarge (800x800mm) version are shipped rolled, wrapped in tissue paper, in a solid shipping roll.

It departs form Sydney, Australia, in the caring hands of AUS Post and can go anywhere in the world.

Depending on the length of the travel, it usually takes from 2 days for Australia, up to 15 days for US or Europe (if you buy an illustration for a gift, please take this into account).

I have a few other shipping options, depending on the destination. Like Express or  Courier.

How to frame it and make it even more beautiful

Your print will arrive in a beautiful folder, ready to be gifted (to a loved one or yourself !). But once open, you will need to frame it.

You can take it to any local framer, and have it framed there.

The canvas needs to be stretched on a timber frame.

And because I care so much, I chose the size of the prints to match IKEA's RIBBA frame range sizes.
They have a very good value range of square frame. I even use them in my own studio.

No detail is left to chance.