Greeting Cards to Colour Up Your Day

Greeting Cards to Colour Up Your Day

Let me present you with our new addition to our Colour Up Your Day stationery range: our Greeting cards sets!

Who likes to send real handwritten postcards?
I know I do, and I especially love to receive some, who doesn't?
This is why I created 3 greeting cards sets with 3 different themes: Botanical, Summer holidays, Cute animals 🌱🏄🏼‍♀️🐨

Each set contains 24 cards, 8 different designs, with matching Envelopes and star Seal Stickers ⭐️ coming in a recyclable cardboard box♻️



3 THEMES pick your favourite:

Summer Holidays🌸🏄🏻‍♀️🌴

For a surf and beach cool vibe with sea urchins, palm trees and a surfer girl...


Great assortment of foliageRound Eucalyptus leaves, poppies, monstera leaf, dandelion, gingko leaf, Ficus leaves, palm leaves, peony.

Cute animals🐼🐯🐻

wildlife assortment, great for little one's birthdays with a panda, a peacock, cute little bunnies, a rabbit and a bird, a tiger, a lioness, a wombat, and a polar bear.

They are so beautifully printed some customers frame them!

Perfect for birthdays, happy holidays, Thank You notes, sympathy words, kids and teenagers stationary, or anniversaries. Timeless, gender-neutral, you'll have a card for everyone and every occasion!


You can find them here

Our products are available worldwide in a 💫

 All designed with so much 💛 and passion by us,

Lorikeet & Blule.



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