Rebirth of a logo

Rebirth of a logo

This beautifull new website prepared with love (thanks my love), the futur exciting Australian life style, the goodbye to 4 years of Japan's stories and to my bidules-jolis-qui-donnent-envie-de-tralala®, the hello to this all new project are the reasons why my logo needed to be refreshed.

And I wanted to show you the steps of  Blule's logo relooking.


I almost choose this version above: in this drawing Blule is like my super-heroe mask and my head is filled with a big watercolor mess.
But this drawing also looked like a venitian mask,
not my supergirl kind of mask.

Then came up the real one.

I drew the idea in a snap, oddly, it was too quick... bizarre, so I tried a lot of others unsatisfactory alternatives, 
to finaly come back, after 1 month, 3 sketch books later and a big mess in my living room, to the one you see now on the top of my website.
In the end: very Blule.




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