Prince Wearing My Colours

Blule's fairy tale.
Once upon a time, I received an email from prince’s manager saying "Prince loves your work and would love to look at possibly purchasing your art"
Prince is the owner of one of my illustration since last year, with all the copyrights.
This was already huge, as I’m a big fan of his work, and married to the ultimate Prince fan
 I wasn’t expecting more, not even dare dream of what happened a few days ago.
Blule was every where during his concert in Toronto!
Prince was wearing one of my design on his t-shirt, and take a look behind him, the illustration he bought from me last year, in full screen!
This is it, I can live happily and funkily ever after…

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Awesome. Talent, like cream, always rises to the top. It confirms what we knew, that Prince is always looking for new stuff, everywhere, and to think he already knows every designer on the planet, and still found you in Sidney, Australia (thanks to the internet), means that your stuff really caught his eye. We all, mere mortals, knew your work was great, it’s surreal to get validation from a man of such style and taste. Sweet!


The second one – when I scrolled down and saw that look, I shivered all over. I guess I’ve been in love with Prince for a long time…


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