Enters the Tattoo Ticket: Your Path to Inked Artwork Approval

Enters the Tattoo Ticket: Your Path to Inked Artwork Approval

I'm genuinely grateful that you've chosen my watercolors to ink on your skin forever!

After a bunch of people, including tattoo artists, hit me up for the a-okay to use my illustrations as tattoos, and how can I support your art,  enters the "Tattoo Ticket."

It's an easy way to get my thumbs-up and show some love for my art.

Just pitch in a small payment or, even cooler, snag the actual artwork you're eyeing for your tattoo, and you'll receive the beautiful printed version on texturised paper.

(This is not for the creation of a new tattoo. If you're thinking about getting a fresh design made explicitly for you, let's chat at bonjour@blule.fr)

Check out my custom designs and their prices below.

Creation and design of a botanical outline tattoo with watercolour wash: from AU$600


Creation and design of a simple outline tattoo : from AU$290


Once your tattoo's done, I'd be stoked if you'd send me some pics or tag me (@ddodleblule)  in yours. I totally dig seeing your tattoos, and with your green light, I'll totally reshare them on my socials.


Bluled for life ❤️ 😃🙏🏽

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