More colour for your buck

More colour for your buck

Here in Australia, it's Spring! And I did a lot of Spring cleaning lately.

In every business decision I make, I need to find a balance:
it has to be fair and have great value for my beloved customers, and it must ensure my business remains viable (a.k.a. "a girl's gotta eat (and her kids too)!").
Today, I'm feeling good about a rather large change I made:
all my prices dropped significantly for the same outstanding quality and service.

After years of iteration, optimizing processes and workflow,
selecting partners and materials very carefully, when everyone expects prices to go up, I make mine go down, and without compromising on quality.

At the same time, I made three other changes:

  • there is a new size available for every design: 60x60cm (23.6in)
  • shipping is calculated at checkout, for fairer prices and more options
  • packaging is leaner and more eco friendly

With that, the current range of prints is as follow:

  • standard: 21x21cm (8.26in) - AU$55 (-27%) (approx. US$39 - 34EUR)
  • medium: 30x30cm (11.8in) - AU$95 (-37%) (approx. US$68 - 58EUR)
  • large: 39x39cm (15.35in) - AU$165 (-34%) (approx. US$118 - 102EUR)
  • very large: 60x60cm (23.6in) - AU$300 (new) (approx. US$215 - 185EUR)
  • extra large: 80x80cm (31.5in) - AU$450 (-18%) (approx. US$320 - 280EUR)

This is in parallel to all-year sale on the Wonder Woman collection, and the recently introduced "Sale of the week".

I'm thrilled about that: making my art accessible to more people, allowing you to enjoy more or larger sizes is always a good feeling.

I hope you will love it too!

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