Commissioned Work

Let's say you want your very own illustration, custom made.
Your girl as Catwoman, a portrait of your mum, your cat as a super hero, your blue house in the countryside, your idole,  your favorite super-hero, your best friends ready to engage,... if I like the idea, I can do it!

Let's say you want a 80x80cm print of one ofmy drawings.  
I can do it (I can go up to 1M square, print on paper or canvas)

Let's say you want 100 copies of a printed reproduction for your employees' Xmas.

I can do it,

I can print any quantity or size for my illustration.
And I can do pretty much any kind of illustration work.

You can visit my website to see more of my work, and you can email me directly.

Here are some examples of the last commissioned work I did:

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