Camouflage Series (behind the curtain)

Camouflage Series (behind the curtain)

This Series is a combination of many of my favourite topics.

A bit of Pop Culture, some of my favourite iconic musicians, my dear silhouette shadows, the Cyanotype technique, a pinch of botanicals, a sprinkle of gold.

You shake it, shake it,

And boom!

 Let me show you in detail how this collection was created.

I have selected a few iconic characters that would be easily recognizable at the end, I hope you recognize them all.

This collection was made with the Cyanotype photographic technique using sunlight as a printer.

I collected a few plants around me. It's easy, Sydney in Spring/Summer is beautifully lush.

My studio never looked so green.

After painting my silhouette with a Cyanotype mix, I made a composition inspired by the character. 

Then baked it under the Sun

You obtain a beautiful Cyan blue photographic art.

Scan the image HD, turn my painting in Black and white and add a touch of Gold leaves


And voilà!

Watch the very homemade video of the process here






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