Botanical Series made with Cyanotype technique

Botanical Series made with Cyanotype technique

Sunkissed collection💙

We all need a little bit of "Sunkissed" in our lives, don't you think?

Here is my first Cyanotype series of Australian flowers collected around my little studio in Sydney 

Made with Cyanotype photographic process using the sunlight as a printer and nature as my model.

Each piece is unique: different shapes, different flowers, different shades of blue, different moods (those are not printed reproductions but the original pieces).

With this series, I wanted to freeze in time a little bit of this beautiful Australian botanical lush we have.
It's both raw and sophisticated as I highlight each design with a touch of gold or silver leaf and an embossed signature.

They look great in any timber frame, pressed-glass iron frame, or simple art hangers.

Browse what is left of the collection!

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