Beauty, not Beast.

Beauty, not Beast.

I'm thrilled to be part of the beautiful exhibition "Plants with Bite" at the Calyx/ Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney in collaboration with The Illustration Room (my agent) 🌸

Twenty very talented illustrators from The Illustration Room team created originals illustrations inspired by vintage comics and films on the theme of carnivorous plants.
We had to create, with our very own style, a story around the fantastical world of carnivorous plants: Plants with Bite.

Because I think Carnivorous plants are beautiful (even if they look a bit scary) and have a fascinating sense of survival in a very unfriendly environment, I have created this « Good giant fly eater »
He is a friendly super-hero plant Beast, a good giant living in a world of disaster for humankind post-climate change.
He is a water diviner, a sorcerer and a teacher of a new kind; he is the last hope for humankind. He grows beautiful, carnivorous fly-traps on him, teaching young children how they can survive by eating insects, where to find water and how they can take good care of the planet.

He is Beauty, not Beast.

I was thrilled when I discovered all the other artists' artworks. They are all brilliant, with very different styles, great imagination and sense of humour.

You can browse and order individual posters or a set of postcards in a super cute tin box on Illustration Room's shop and it's, of course, available on my store.

It was all made possible thanks to Katie, our fabulous agent, who put this together.

If you are in Sydney, I invite you to go and have a look at this fresh exhibition. It is running until the end of April 2019.

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