A Love Story

A Love Story

This post is a follow up on the Instagram series where I asked Prince fans to share their love story with him (here and here).
This is mine. Feel free to share yours in the 

It's a story of love. Or two maybe. Three even.

It all began in high school, when this weird kid in my class, wearing a different Prince t-shirt every day of the week, comes to me and asks if I would draw something for him, and then shows me a picture of this weird guitar.

Little did I know that this kid would become my husband, this guitar, his owner and his fans would mean so much, and I would paint my way through it all.
That's three love stories. Or one really...

Life went on, we lost sight of each other for a few years and then met again.
He was now a full fledge Prince fan, many more t-shirts, hundreds of bootlegs discs, border line crazy if you'd ask me :)
We started dating. And the thing when you date a Prince fan is: you too, listen to a lot of Prince music. And you hear about him. A lot.
It started rubbing off.
Now rub for 20 more years...

I only got to see him live a few times, but I realise it's already such a privilege.
The last one was one of the most special moments in my life. Just a few years after moving to Australia, seeing the Piano & Microphone show at the Sydney Opera House can never be topped.

I'm not the Prince encyclopedia some are.
I can't cite more than 5 album titles, I will mix up years and hair cuts, and beside the 3rd Eye girls, don't ask me the name of a band member (I can always ask my hubby, so why remember anyways ;) ).
But the music, I've heard it all. Over and over.

"On the one."

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